The days which marked the life of our Travel Photography website.
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2010, the year of the Tiger - Second year in NYC...

New Year 2010: To celebrate the New Year, The Two Travelers find themselves in a photographer friend's huge loft in snowy Manhattan. As to all their friends, they wish you a very Happy New Year 2010! Here's the Photo of January.

February 2010: After a cold and snowy winter, The Two Travelers went to the South of the United States to South Florida! A road-trip /diving /swimming /canoeing from South Beach Miami to the Dry Tortugas, to Key West and the Everglades!

March 2010: Tanguy did a short stint in Southern France and saw the Mediterranean beaches under 7 inches of snow! A few weeks before, The Two Travellers completed a photo story on the damages of Hurricane Katrina (4 y after) in Louisiana, the Mississippi, and New Orleans' poorest neighborhoods. Story and photographs (in French) on their blog!

April 2010: Fourth Anniversary of this website! (Thanks to all who visited!), and we're also celebrating our 2 years living in New York City!

May-June 2010: Short last-minute road-trip for "Memorial Day" between Philadelphia, the Amish of Lancaster County, the boardwalk of Atlantic City and our favorite 'secret' beach in Long Beach, on the Jersey Shore.

July & August 2010: After a great canoe trek in the wilderness of the Adirondacks, around "4th of July", The Two Travelers are on their way to the North-Western part of the country: through Colorado and Utah, then Montana and Wyoming, for a road-trip and a few treks accross the moutain region of these two states!

October 2010: Surprise trip to our favorite beach spot in South Beach, Miami - just because The Two Travelers needed to celebrate something really awesome!!!

2009, the year of the Ox - First Year in America...

New Year 2009: Violette and Tanguy, The Two Travellers, just flew back from Paris after a Christmas in the Alps for Tanguy, and among Violette's family in Paris. Back in a freezing New York, they chose to spend New Year's Eve, and the first day of 2009 under a bright sun, with a dear NYC friend - check out the Photo of the Month of January

January 2009: After taking part in the Inauguration of the new President Obama in Washington DC, The Two Travellers decided to get away from the cold of the East Coast to spend a few days in Nevada and Arizona. They landed in Las Vegas and quickly took the road towards the wonderful panoramas of the old American West!...

February 2009: The Two Travelers were back on the road, this time in Louisiana and Mississippi! After a road-trip in the heart of 'Cajun country' (its cuisine and music!), they followed Tom Sawyer's footsteps into the cradle of the Blues... Before leaving New Orleans, they traveled along the hurricane-ravaged coastline and poor neighborhoods victims of Katrina ... Photos coming soon!

April-May 2009: Third Anniversary of this website! A very big thank you to 280 000 visitors who visited the last 3 years! Also, know that we are celebrating our One Year in New York! (Take a look back on this NYC 'adventure' on our Blog slideshow !) Cheers and See you soon!

July-September 2009: The Two Travelers were back on the road this summer, this time in Alaska! After beating the roads and trails along the state, they went out into the wilderness! ... And, this september, they put up a brand new version of the website!! So, what do you think?

November 2009: A new adventure, this time towards the Far West! Though we already traveled through this 'territory', we'll go further in it this time around: from Eastern California to Utah, Nevada and Arizona. After a trek inside the Grand Canyon, a ride through Navajo country (with a proper Indian encounter), we went along to discover the Great American National Parks!

2008, the year of the Rat - First Prints and Publications.. and first flats in NYC!.

New Year 2008: The two Travellers are spending New Year's Eve in their family house in the "Landes" region, next to the Atlantic ocean. Before they got back to the january parties in Paris, Violette and Tanguy choose to lay back and relax - check out the Photo of the Month of January.

On February 1st, 2008: Great great news ! It is now certain: The two Travellers will soon leave Paris for a new megalopolis... New York City ! Violette and Tanguy are about to spend a couple of years in the Big Apple ! But fear not, they will continue their trips and photos from the United States... A "Blog" will soon come to keep you all posted on this latest adventure...

March 2008: The Photos of the Pyrenees Mountains are finally online (Encantats, Ossau-Vignemale, French-Spanish summits), as well as the last two Photo Articles of Nepal (Kathmandu Today, Buddhist Temples of Kathmandu).

On April 5th, 2008: That's it, The Two Travellers have just landed in New York ! Violette and Tanguy arrived today at their hotel and are quietly celebrating after a very hectic departure...! If you don't want to miss anything of their new american adventure (and can read french), come visit often their new NYC Blog !

May 1st 2008: Our website's Second birthday ! This year, the "cake" is american and is thanking the 152,000 visitors who came on for the past two years! Keep on coming often for the Picture of the Month, the new added pictures and articles. Make it known and offer yourself a Print of your favorite picture !

June-October 2008: The Two Travellers enjoy their first summer in New York to the fullest, now confortably living in their new Manhattan apartment. Slowly, they explore New England region and are thinking about travels in the Catskills, the Adirondacks, Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, etc. The photos will soon be online on this site!

December 4th, 2008: Our first multimedia piece, "A night of Hope", retraces this historic night of the American Presidential election on November 4, 2008. In the middle of the crowd on Times square, New York, the atmosphere was magical and electric: hope was in the air... Live this incredible historic night again, with "A night of Hope".

2007, the year of the Pig - The first candle...

New Year's day 2007: Violette and Tanguy leave the Parisian parties for a “fiesta” in the splendid village of Cadaquès, in Spanish Costa Brava - Look at the Picture of the Month of January.

On February 14th, 2007: Today, all the Pictures of China (Tibetan Kham and Chinese on Holiday) and the first Chinese Articles are online, a way for lovers to travel a little further on this Valentine's day.

March - to the beginning of May 2007: Tanguy leaves for Nepal, Violette then meets him in South India for a trip through Kerala, Karnataka and the beaches of Goa (where Tanguy will remain 2 weeks without doing anything… the end of the "intrepid traveler" myth!).

On April 20th, 2007: Online for 12 months, our website celebrates its first birthday! Although it really left our network of friends and family only in September 2006, we Thank you all, from wherever in the world! Keep on coming here, giving us your opinion and making it known: you were more than 35.000 visitors this year!

On May 7th, 2007: After this brand new "News section", while France has a new president (for Tanguy, just back from India, it's high time to find a reason to stay -or choose another horizon), we're back at work on our photos but the "travel winds" blow more strongly today…

On June 18th, 2007: Arrival of the Photographs of Nepal Kingdom (“Holi” festival, Himalayan mountains of Langtang, Buddhist Temples and Tibetan monks). After a little more than a month on the Nepalese images, we start working on our South India pictures as well as on the articles we want to publish.

End of July 2007: The Photos of South India are online! (Cochin Fishing and Kochi Beach, Kerala and Goa, Life in the Backwaters and Christianity in India). A Guest Book was also added, in which a former French President already left a message… More than 50.000 visitors and a few Prints purchased. As we're off to the Pyrenees, Thank you all and have a great summer!
September 2007: A photo Publication in the french magazine "Le Tigre" welcomes the two travellers back in Paris. After their southern France holidays between beach and mountains, Violette spent time in Moscow and Tanguy in the Spanish Pyrenees. They now work on new Articles on South India and Nepal. Their mountain images will come later...
December 2007: A new year has passed and it's more than 80,000 visitors who came to see us in 2007! Thank you all, and to those who visit us regularly! You can also Order Prints of your favorite photos !, a novelty in this end of the year (see the "Buy a Print" link on the home page). In the meantime, have a great Christmas, we wish you the best for this coming year !

2006, the year of the Dog - The Birth of this website...

On April 20th, 2006: Our Photo website is online today ! A great day for us. Shortly after a trip in the Alps, and after several months of work, we show our pictures of Iceland and India (Ladakh and Rupshu). Our friends and families are generous and make pleasant comments.

May - June 2006: Departure for Canada. Tanguy heads for New York before Violette's arrival in Montreal, then it's a trip under the greyness of Quebec's North Shore and Gaspesie. In spite of the ceaseless rain on the country, Tanguy's friends are incredible: with great friendship and lots of parties, they make it very hard for us to leave again…

On June 30th, 2006: The Photographs of Varanasi (Benares) and Rajasthan are now out there on the Web, thus completing our photo series of North India.

On August 4th, 2006: The English translation of the site is finally finished… We're bilingual, referenced in several search engines, and new visitors appear - even coming from Taiwan, Syria, Chile and New Zealand!

August - October 2006: Departure for China early august. From Beijing, we head west for Uyghur Xinjiang, before crossing Sichuan and Yunnan (Tibetan Kham), and finally the sparkling Shanghai.

On November 26th, 2006: Our first Photo Articles and travel stories are online (Iceland and North India). From now on, it's possible to read some of our illustrated articles on the subjects we worked on while travelling !

On December 22th, 2006: The first Photographs of China are now on the Web (Silk Road and Wild Xinjiang). We're also putting some Professionnal Prints available online : the pictures of our site can be purchased as high-quality prints.

2005, the year of the Hen - The first ideas...

May - June 2005: Second trip in Iceland. This time on a trek in full autonomy through the wild peninsula of Hornstrandir (great weather, in complete contrast to the infernal “Storm season” conditions Tanguy went through - Sept 2004).

July - September 2005: Departure for North India. Kashmir for Tanguy, then a fabulous Trek through Ladakh, Zanskar and the Rupshu plateaux, before finishing in Himachal Pradesh, Varanasi and Rajasthan.

October 2006: The idea of creating our own Internet website matures, especially since the positive reactions of friends looking at some of our Indian or Icelandic images… Violette starts the hard work of creating the website while Tanguy handles the images.

November 2005: Tanguy and Violette make their last choice of their India slides in Alicia's villa in Brittany, before really starting out web designing and going through the slow process of organizing the images…