Snertse Snertse Parfi-La Oma-Tokpo Oma-Tokpo Zanskar Hanumil
Hanumil Rama Zangla Pidmo Pishu Pishu Karsha
Sani Harvest Ramis Bardan Gorges-Tsarap Phuktal Gorges-Tsarap
Tsarap Liana Tsarap Liana Marshung Satok Ramis-Marshung
Yurshun Plateaux Lahaul Tranbok Tsok Takh-La Gian

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After several days walking through Ladakh and going across ten high cols, the Oma Chu river opened the doors to the secluded Zanskar Kingdom. Crossing the villages of Hanumil, Pidmo and Pishu, we followed for a few days the Zanskar river, before we reached the village of Padum, capital of the Kingdom. Then, for a while, we trekked along the Lungnak river, and finally reached the monasteries of Mune and Phuktal, the latter being one of the most impressive monastery of all Zanskar. Phuktal is also the entrance of the deserted and vertiginous Tsarap Gorges where liana bridges and deep vertical canyons were the final part of our trek.